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Judul Artikel : Data Driven Choice of Control Charts
Penulis : Willem Albers, Wilbert C.M. Kallenberg, Sri Nurdiati (2006)
Judul Publikasi : Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference Vol.136 hal. 909-941
Jenis : Jurnal Internasional
Bahasa : English
Abstrak : Standard control charts are often seriously in error when the distributional form of the observations differs from normality. Recently, control charts have been developed for larger parametric families. A third possibility is to apply a suitable (modified version of a) nonparametric control chart. This paper deals with the question when to switch from the control chart based on normality to a parametric control chart, or even to a nonparametric one. This model selection problem is solved by using the estimated model error as yardstick. It is shown that the new combined control chart asymptotically behaves as each of the specific control charts in their own domain. Simulations exhibit that the combined control chart performs very well under a great variety of distributions and hence it is recommended as an omnibus control chart, nicely adapted to the distribution at hand. The combined control chart is illustrated by an application on real data. The new modified nonparametric control chart is an attractive alternative and can be recommended as well.
Full Text : journal_7.pdf
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No Nama Dosen
1 Dr. Ir. Sri Nurdiati, M.Sc.

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