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Matematika IPB

Informasi Publikasi

Judul Artikel : On Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of Perturbed Pairwise Comparison Matrices
Penulis : Pudji Astuti & Agah D. Garnadi (2009)
Judul Publikasi : ITB J. Sci. Vol.41A No.2 hal. 69-77
Nama Penerbit : ITB
Kota : Bandung
Jenis : artikel jurnal
Bahasa : Inggris
Abstrak : This work studied eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a class of perturbed
pairwise comparison matrices (PCMs). This type of matrices arises from
Analytical Hierarchical Process with inconsistency comparison. By employing
some nice structures of the PCMs, we show that the object dimension of size
n>=3 can be reduced into a case of size 3, hence simplify the studies.
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No Nama Dosen
1 Drs. Agah Drajat Garnadi, Grad.Dipl.Sc.

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