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Judul Artikel : Application of core identification to star-shape constant conductivity inclusion (DOI: 10.12732/ijpam.v90i3.1)
Penulis : Agah D. Garnadi (2014)
Judul Publikasi : International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Vol.90 No.3 hal. 255-279
Nama Penerbit : AP
Kota : Bulgaria
Jenis : artikel jurnal
Bahasa : Inggris
Abstrak : The problem of determining the interface separating a const
conductivity inclusion with star-shaped support from boun
dary measurement
data of a solution of the corresponding PDEs is considered. A
n equivalent
statement as a nonlinear integral equation is obtained. The
problem is analyzed
and implemented numerically using truncated Fourier serie
s expansion.
It is also verified that the Fr ́echet derivative at fixed circu
lar support is
a compact operator, this demonstrate the problem is ill-pos
ed. Furthermore,
its singular systems is explicitely obtained which indicat
ing the degree of ill-
posedness of the problem is severely ill-posed.
Numerical experiments based on simplified iteratively regu
larized Gauss-
Newton method (sIRGNM) are presented.
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No Nama Dosen
1 Drs. Agah Drajat Garnadi, Grad.Dipl.Sc.

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