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Matematika IPB

Informasi Publikasi

Judul Artikel : Optimal Tracking and Regulation Accuracy of Feedback Control Systems
Penulis : Toni Bakhtiar (2005)
Judul Publikasi : Journal of Mathematics and Its Applications Vol.4 No.1 hal. 41-49
Nama Penerbit : Departemen of Matematics IPB
Kota : Bogor
Jenis : Jurnal Nasional
Bahasa : English
Abstrak : This paper deals with intrinsic performance limits achievable by feedback control. We give analytical expressions of the optimal tracking and regulation problems for linear shift-invariant single-input and multiple-output (SIMO) discrete-time systems. For the former, we modify the existing results by means of the delta operator and show that the continuous-time counterpart results can be properly recovered from this point. For the latter, we derive a discrete-time result first and show the convergence property.
Full Text : journal_33.pdf
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No Nama Dosen
1 Prof. Dr. Toni Bakhtiar, M.Sc.

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