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Judul Artikel : Tracking performance limits for SIMO discrete-time feedback control systems
Penulis : T. Bakhtiar S. Hara (2004)
Judul Publikasi : Proc. SICE Annual Conference No.2 hal. 1825-1830
Jenis : Makalah Seminar Internasional
Bahasa : English
Abstrak : The limitations imposed by non-square plants, non-minimum phase zeros, and unstable poles in optimal tracking problem for LTI SIMO continuous-time systems responding to a step reference signal are now known. This paper examines and derives equivalent results for discrete-time feedback control systems. An extension is made by considering a problem of minimizing the tracking error simultaneously with the control effort.
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1 Prof. Dr. Toni Bakhtiar, M.Sc.

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