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Matematika IPB

Data Skripsi
Judul : Masalah Ground-Holding dengan Dua Terminal dalam Pengendalian Lalu Lintas Udara
Jenis : Skripsi
Penulis : Wirawan Prasetyo
NRP : g54061639
Tanggal Lulus : 03 November 2010
Tanggal Seminar : 06 October 2010 09:00
Tanggal Sidang :
Pembimbing : Dra. Farida Hanum, M.Si.
Drs. Prapto Tri Supriyo, M.Kom.

Ringkasan : Every airline has a strategy to minimize delay costs, such as ground-holding policy. This policy gives authority to the airline to keep the airplane on the departure terminal although the airplane is scheduled to take off, so that after arriving at the destination airport it can land without waiting in the air. This manuscript will discuss the arrival and departure time of flights in order to minimize the delay cost. Ground-holding problem with two terminals in air traffic control can be formulated into a PILP problem (Pure 0-1 Integer Linear Programming). PILP problem is an optimization problem with linear objective function as well as linear constraints, whose variables are integers. There are two cases of ground-holding policy to discuss. The first case deals with the policy that all flights keep the airplanes in the departure terminal and can also be restrained in the air. The second case is when all flights only keep the airplane at the departure terminal when it will arrive at the destination city without waiting in the air. The simulation is given with an assumption that there are 26 flights with their scheduled departure and arrival time. For a certain flight from its departure terminal of the first city to its arrival terminal of the destination city, PILP will give the time of arrival and departure, which minimize the delay cost.

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